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New to the fleet: Double Curtain Sided Truck

Brisas Transport Curtain Side Truck

We recently acquired a double curtain sided truck to better accommodate our customers who need the convenience of a flat deck but the protection of a dry van.

What is a curtain side truck?

A curtain side truck is a flat bed truck with square frames along the sides. This skeletal structure creates false walls and a roof where a tarp can be tightly secured around, protecting your freight from the elements!

We offer our curtain side service at no extra charge - just the same great cost as our regular rate schedule!

We are in the business to serve yours, having the equipment to get the job done, using our fleet of cars, SUV's, half ton, three ton and five ton trucks.

To arrange a pick up, please call our office.

(204) 806-2644

Let's get it delivered.

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